The Pinewood Builders Computer Core has a community of both official and unofficial subgroups that has 3 objectives; neutral, destroy the core, and protect the core. These subgroups sometimes work against the other groups to maintain their own personal goals. Most subgroups have their own special loadouts.  
  • Pinewood Builders
  • Pinewood Builders Security Team
  • Pinewood Emergency Team
  • Pinewood Fire TeamGo to!/about
  • Pinewood Medical TeamGo to!/about
  • Pinewood Hazmat TeamGo to!/about
  • Pinewood Builders Media
  • Pinewood Builders Quality Assurance
  • The Mayhem Syndicate
  • Mega Miners
  • Pinewood Builders Aerospace
  • Pinewood Intelligence Agency
  • Pinewood Veteran's Club

Subgroups are also called subdivisions or just divisions.    

Official Subgroups:    

Subgroup Description Ranktag command How to join
Pinewood Builders The main group. For visitors/workers. !setgroup PB Join the PB Group
Pinewood Builders Security Team Pinewood's main security group. For guards/police. Keeping the core safe. !setgroup PBST Join the PBST Group
Pinewood Emergency Team Pinewood's emergency response unit group. It consists of three teams: Fire, Medical, and Hazmat !setgroup PET Join the PET Group
Pinewood Fire Team Pinewood's Fire Team group, helps fight fires at all PB Facilities. !setgroup Fire Join the

FT Group

Pinewood Medical Team Pinewood's Medical Team group, protects Pinewood allies and visitors. !setgroup Medical Join the

MT Group

Pinewood Hazmat Team Pinewood's Hazmat Team, Cleans out radiation leaks and can handle core controls. !setgroup Hazmat Request to Join the

HT Group

Pinewood Builders Media Pinewood's media group. For content creators, news agencies. !setgroup PBM Join the PBM Group
Pinewood Builders Quality Assurance A group of testers that ensure that new and existing development has as little bugs as possible and works as intended. !setgroup PBQA Join the PBQA Group
The Mayhem Syndicate A group of people who make constant attempts at taking down PBST, destroying Pinewood facilities. !setgroup TMS Join the TMS Group
Mega Miners A group for Mega Miners, a subsidiary group of Pinewood- handling the mining and resource extraction sector of Pinewood Builders, as well as discussion and suggestions. !setgroup MM Join the MM Group
Pinewood Builders Aerospace The aerospace division of Pinewood Builders, combined with our space division, shuttle, aircraft and military flight as well as astronaut centrifuge training at our research facility. !setgroup PBA Join the PBA group
XYLEM Technologies A private group focused on developing assets for all of Pinewood Builders. You can only join this group by being invited. Only the XYLEM Facilitator can invite you. !setgroup XYLEM Handpicked
Pinewood Intelligence Agency A private group focused on moderation within Pinewood Builders. You can only join this group by being invited. Only Diddleshot can invite new members. !setgroup PIA Handpicked
PB Veteran's Club Teamcreate group and Hall of Fame. !setgroup PBV Handpicked
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