Welcome to the Pinewood Builders Wikia!

Welcome to the Pinewood Builders Wikia! Here you can find out all the information you need about the group, games, events, members and alike.

General Information

Pinewood Builders (formerly known as Pinewood Labs) is a British based sci-fi building group with sectors in aerospace technology, mining, weaponry, data processing, and much more. It is currently ROBLOX's second-largest building group. Pinewood had a booth at BLOXcon Chicago in 2013 and served as the origins of many famous Roblox developers, such as alexnewtron​, ​Zephyred​, ​madattak​, and ​Rukiryo​.

Founded in 2008 by Diddleshot, (as a Group in 2009) Pinewood is one of ROBLOX's oldest existing building groups. The group is also recognized for contributions to the community with models to assist in game development and its group-created games.

What is Pinewood?

There is a lot of information available about Pinewood, so let's start with the history of Pinewood Builders. There has been a lot of changes to the staff team over the course of Pinewood. But you can find the most important ones here (History page).

Pinewood has a lot of facilities, including the actively played: Pinewood Builders Computer Core. That is being officially guarded by PBST (Pinewood Builders Security Team) This group protects the Pinewood Facilities, like PBHQ, PBRF, and others (See Games). against TMS (The Mayhem Syndicate). A group determined to stop no-where to melt the core (PBCC). Pinewood has lots of subgroups as well, all with different functions in the group.

Official Media

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