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Pinewood Builders Research Facility is a modern-futuristic research facility by Diddleshot. It is linked via PBCC and PBSSA.

Around 2011, PBRF was closed. PBRF had a major update in 2014, and was reopened to the public. It was also a Pinewood Security Team training area at one point.


Entrance Hall

Upon spawning in the Research Facility, you appear in a massive white room. Here, there is an elevator to access the lower levels, car spawners, the Security Area, Veterans Room, Pinewood Intelligence Agency room and various ways to exit the facility and teleporting to Pinewood Computer Core.

Around the room there are signs and notice boards advertising Pinewood Builders.

Pinewood Security Area

The PBST area consists of the usual medkit and baton givers, but is quite big compared to other PB facilities. It has a reception desk, showers, toilets, changing rooms, and a metro (teleporter) to the training facility.

PBST Kiosk

The security division also has several Security Kiosks around the facility. These black rooms have CCTV cameras inside.


Upon going down to the lower levels of the facility, right in the middle is the centrifuge. It is designed to "train" people before going to the Pinewood Shuttle Advantage, but it can be fun to ride on higher setting values. The control room for it has many signs about safety using it and controls.

There are conditions that trigger actions at a value point set exact or above on the settings. When the setting value is at 16.1 or above, it will trigger a red flashing "DANGER" text and play a fire alarm sound effect but, it will leave the rider unharmed. Approximately 28 and above will decrease the player's health putting it at risk of death. The negative values trigger the same was as with positive setting decimals. If you want the person to ride in it at a fast speed without damage, it's recommended to set the value to "27.5".

Research Areas

The facility has many testing areas, ranging from Nuke Train Crash tests that blow you up, to bouncing balls and deadly trampolines.

Elevator to Pinewood Computer Core

If you follow the PBCC styled path, you reach the elevators and stairs. Soon you'll arrive at the elevator. Once you step inside and press the UP button it teleports you to PBCC.

Exhibition Hall

An elevator at the main entrance, next to the PIA access doors, are the elevators that will go up to a hallway when you had walked forward, an exhibition hall contaminant old PB Projects are shown, including Mega Miners dump trucks and escape rockets (seen at PBCC) and Shuttle Advantage.

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