Pinewood Builders Security Team, more commonly known as PBST, is the main subgroup and the largest subgroup of Pinewood Builders with over 100,000 members. They are also the most active group in the entire Pinewood society. Their job is to patrol Pinewood facilities, mainly the Pinewood Builders Computer Core, and defend against raids from The Mayhem Syndicate.
PBST 100,000 Members Special 2020

PBST 100,000 Members Special 2020


There are as of now, 2 official handbooks:



  • The rank acquired upon joining the group.
  • Formerly known as a trainee, it is the most common rank in PBST, making up 98.8% of the group. 

Tier 1

  • It requires 100 points and an evaluation.
  • The first rank able to use the "!call" function for PBST at PB facilities.
  • The minimum response called to defeat TMS and protect visitors.

Tier 2

  • It requires 250 points.

Tier 3

  • It requires 500 points.
  • Those who achieve this rank are able to operate some of the activities at the PBSTAC.

Elite Tier 1

  • Handpicked and voted by SD and Trainers.

Elite Tier 2

  • Handpicked and voted by Trainers.

Special Defense 

  • Requires 800 points, being handpicked, and having a successful evaluation.
  • Formerly known as Tier 4 Special Defense (T4SD), as of 10/29/2020, the rank is now known as Special Defense.
  • Able to host trainings/events with the approval of a Trainer.
  • Granted admin commands at the PBSTAC, PBSTTF and PBDSF.
  • Currently, there are 18 Special Defenses, 1 is a bot named PB_Hyperion, made by Irreflexive and 2 are Pinewood Legacy Members named DeathPossession and Momolivia (as of 11/14/2020).


  • Must be a Special Defense and voted in by the current Trainers.
  • Are granted Admin commands in all training facilities and get mod in all other facilities.
  • Currently, there are 9 Trainers (as of 8/25/2020).
  • This is technically the highest rank in PBST you can achieve unless Diddleshot picks you as the next Head of Security.


  • This rank signifies active PBV members.
  • You cannot earn this rank through ranking up in PBST.
  • At the time of writing, the only Facilitators are Csdi, LENEMAR, and Coasterteam (June 15)

Head of Security

  • Handpicked by Diddleshot.
  • The current HoS is Csdi, who has been HoS since March 2019.



The most up-to-date loadouts are as follows, these may vary in some older facilities.


  • Very Low-damage baton

Tier 1

  • Low-damage baton
  • Taser
  • Riot Shield
  • Pistol

Tier 2

  • Medium-damage baton
  • Taser
  • Riot shield
  • Pistol
  • Rifle

Tier 3

  • High-damage baton
  • Taser
  • Riot shield
  • Pistol
  • Rifle
  • Sub-machine gun

Special Defense

  • Katana
  • Very High-damage baton
  • UPG Pistol
  • UPG Rifle
  • UPG Sub-machine gun
  • Taser
  • Riot shield


In Pinewood Builders Security Team, training is a crucial part of the daily life of a security member. There are 6 types of PBST training so far.

Normal Training

In a typical training, it will be hosted by either a Special Defense or a Trainer. It will usually be hosted in PBSTAC. However other facilities like PBSTTF or even PBRF could be used. Attendees first STS (stand shoulder-to-shoulder) 15 minutes before the beginning of the training. When the training starts, the host picks between 1-4 (usually 2) assistants. Assistants will usually be Tier 3 and their job is to spot any illegal movements and help the host to control discipline.

In a normal Training, some of the usual main activities will be:

  • Tall Towers
  • Obbies
  • Team Deathmatch (TDM)
  • Shooting Practice

And many more.

Usually, at the end of every training, a purge will be done. This activity is basically an FFA (Free for all) but throughout the entire facility. At the end of every training, the host will log points based on how the attendees do. It can be between 0-5 points, and assistants will usually get 6 points. Sometimes, if the training had terrible discipline, the host can give everyone 0 points. The training would end with a Server Message saying: Training Dismissed.

Disciplinary Trainings

Often, trainings can be made a Disciplinary training. This type of training would be more strict on the rules, and if you did something not according to the rules, you will be banned, often will a point deduction. In this type of training, Permission to Speak (PTS) will also be enabled. Since now there is a system of banning people who violated PTS, anyone who sends any message other than the command ";pts request" (The command to request PTS), or being an assistant or observer, will be banned instantly.

Bannable offences for Disciplinary training include:

  • Violating PTS.
  • SFL-ing on the wrong side of the host.
  • Starting an obby too early.
  • AFK-ing without permission.
  • Having tools when training starts.
  • Not having an official PBST uniform when the training starts.
  • Resetting during the pre-training checkup.
  • Not following the host's orders.

as well as many minor ones that would probably give you a warning, then a ban.

Mega Trainings

Mega trainings are larger trainings that were hosted every Sunday, at 5 PM UTC time (Or 12 PM EDT/6 PM CET/1 AM Beijing Time). Attendees will first go to the PBST Hub for a briefing. Then, a trainer announces the available facilities for training. The trainees will then pick a facility and the training usually starts around 5-10 minutes later. Unlike normal training, this type of training takes 70 minutes instead of 60.

Hardcore Trainings

Hardcore trainings are very strict trainings that are both high risk, and highly rewarding. Even the smallest offenses like moving for 1 more second after times up will get you banned in a Hardcore Training, often with a hefty deduction of points. If you managed to survive the Hardcore training, you can have 20 points.

Super Trainings

This type of training works similar to a mega training, except they are very rare and trainers will host fun & unique activites at unique places. There is no set amount of points for Super Trainings though it is usually the same as a Mega Training.

Mass Patrols

Mass Patrols are public patrols in PBCC. The host will reward you between 1-5 points depending on what you do during it.

Tier Evaluations

Tier evaluations are evaluations for Cadets to reach Tier 1. Cadets that have over 100 points and are not ranklocked can attend this evaluation. You can only join 15 minutes before the evaluation starts, or it is a guaranteed ban.

A Tier evaluation consists of 3 parts: a quiz ,a test on patrolling skills and a combat skill evaluation. The training rules will be heavily enforced in this eval, not following them will get you logged. Depending on this, you could pass or fail the evaluation. If you pass one part but fail the other, you may try again at another evaluation and skip the part you passed before (there is a database containing which people have passed which part of the Tier 1 Evaluation process). During the quiz, you will receive 8 questions about various topics including this handbook and training rules. The questions will vary in difficulty, some are easy but others require more thinking.

You need to score at least 5/8 to pass. Answering must be done privately through a Quiz GUI or a Private Message system sent by the host. During the patrol test, you will receive Tier 2 loadouts and be tested on skills like your abilities in combat, teamwork, and following the handbook correctly. A number of Tier 3s will work against you in this part, as they will try to bring the core to melt or freeze down. During the combat skill evaluation. There are 3 tests in the skill evaluation which are bomb barrage, sword fight bot arena and shooting range. In order to pass the skill evaluation, you need to score 4 points minimum depending on how you perform.

These points DO NOT SAVE and you can only get a maximum of 3 in each activity. During the bomb barrage, you must survive up to 3 levels. You get points on how many levels you survived. During the sword fight bot arena. You must fight bots with a sword on level 1. You must be alive in order to pass. If you passed, you will receive 2 points. During the shooting range, you must hit the target as much as you can under 60 seconds. The amount of targets varies on how many attendees there are. For every 10 hits, you receive a point.

List of PBST HR's

PBST Leadership
Rank Name
Owner Diddleshot
Head of Security Csdi
Pinewood Facilitator LENEMAR
Pinewood Facilitator Coasterteam
Trainer AnuCat
Trainer ToxicatedSwift
Trainer CombatSwift
Trainer TheSparkedFlame
Trainer RogueVader1996
Trainer TenX29
Trainer Bes_tyy
Trainer EquilibriumCurse
Trainer yoshifan0312
Special Defense resupero
Special Defense zZHeNrY
Special Defense superstefano4
Special Defense Phantom_FR
Special Defense ood23doc
Special Defense officialpm
Special Defense aburntpoptart
Special Defense Momolivia
Special Defense sodaSopha
Special Defense ktblox18
Special Defense AeronauticalMemories
Special Defense DeathPossesion
Special Defense SourLem0n4
Special Defense Oakerii
Special Defense SADENNING
Special Defense Serious_Business
Special Defense NeonSmashSwordALT
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