Screenshot 121

A photo from the entrance zone of PBHQ

The Pinewood Builders HQ (PBHQ) is the current headquarters for Pinewood Builders. First built in 2011, this has been the main meeting place and headquarters for Pinewood Builders, located in Tokyo, Japan according to in-game description, this has been the main meeting place and headquarters for Pinewood Builders. This game was featured in the Roblox Blog 2013, in "Six ROBLOX Places That'll Make You Say "Whoa"


There are 13 floors at the building, including the basement.

Level -1

This floor is where the ground elevators go to. It contains a parking lot and a PIA room which can be viewed using shift-lock camera. There's a turret to shoot down trespassers (which sometimes glitches and turret shots can be found in the floor description sign), a green button, a purple button across the room from the green one, and an old loadout giver.

Level 1

The floor where you spawn, it contains the front desk and another desk nearby. Walking past the desk is a spotlight with a rotating pinewood logo, as well as a pinewood logo on the ground. To the left is a security kiosk, with a button that can turn spikes on and off and can only be accessed by PB members, but the spikes don't actually do anything. Ahead of the kiosk is a science demonstration.

Level 2

This floor contains several conference rooms as well as a room displaying every concept HQ built.

Level 3

This floor contains presentation rooms.

Level 4

This is the security floor, containing a shooting range, loadout rooms for Tier 1 and Tier 2 PBST officers, uniforms, a security camera room, as well as a PBV room.

Level 5

Worker's offices. Contains cubicles with computers for employees.

Level 6

Cafeteria. Sigmatech featured this floor in part of his PBHQ video.

Level 7

This floor is an uncolored room with an SD+ door and room. Through the windows, you can see some kind of alternate uniform and a table.

Level 8

This floor contains a pool and swimsuit outfits.

Level 9

This floor is Pinewood Builders Media's official studio.

Level 10

This floor contains several offices for PB Executives.

Level 11

This floor is the executive lounge. There is a giver that gives you what looks like wine and also a pool table, pool cue givers, and a music player.

Level 12

This floor contains another PBV room, Diddleshot's office, and a conference room. Being one of the two games that have PBV specific rooms, this one actually has 2 and used to have a 3rd room shared with the PIA room. The code to Diddleshot's office is his player number (390939).

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