Pinewood Builders, formerly known as Pinewood Labs, is a British-based building community with ventures in aerospace, mining, weaponry, physics research, and much more.

It is currently one of Roblox's largest building groups, boasting around 193,000 members.

Founded in 2008 by Diddleshot (and later as a group in 2009), Pinewood is one of Roblox's oldest existing groups in general. The group is recognized as a franchise wherein its members tend to make games with the Pinewood logo and brand on it, drawing inspiration from Pinewood's official games. Pinewood also had a booth at BLOXcon Chicago in 2013 and served as the origins of many famous Roblox developers, such as alexnewtron, Zephyred, madattak, and Rukiryo.


To apply for a rank (excluding HR ranks), please apply in the Pinewood Builders Discord.


  • Represents the community of Pinewood Builders.
  • Automatically given upon joining the group.
  • Unable to post on the group wall to prevent spam.

Member (previously Veteran Member)

  • Members who originally joined before 2019.


  • People who have basic scripting skills in Roblox Studio.
  • First rank is able to post on the group wall.
  • This rank can be applied for.


  • People who have basic knowledge in the use of building tools in Roblox Studio.
  • This rank can be applied for.

Dedicated Scientist

  • People who are knowledgeable in advanced scripting for Roblox Studio.

Dedicated Builder

  • People who are knowledgeable about advanced building tools in Roblox Studio.

Epic Scientist

  • People who are excellent scripters.

Epic Builder

  • People who are excellent builders and can build advanced structures and props.


  • People who can make art, similar to PBM's Graphic Design Team.
  • This rank can be applied for.


Special Guests

  • Reserved for special guests!

High Developers

  • The first rank within the administration.
  • Responsible for promoting people to ranks based on their building/scripting abilities.

Honorable Hall of Fame

  • A rank dedicated to veteran and retired Pinewood executives.


  • The owner and leader of Pinewood Builders. Position held by Diddleshot since 2008.
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