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Pinewood Builders Headquarters was made in 2008 and received many updates over the years. It was decommissioned after 2011.



There is a road which leads to a car, a bus station and the main parking lot.


There is a desk and a few decorations around here. There is also a turret on the ceiling.

Visting Room

This room has teleporters but they don't work.

Shooting Room

This room has targets you can shoot at, there are no guns though.

MRDAFG's Office

This room has the controls for the turret and also has a helicopter, which does not work. There is also a fan alarm and a few other buttons, which also do not work.


This has nothing in here other than a toolbox and a work area.

Main Lab

This contains some machinery and experiments

Car Garage

This room contains nothing other than a broken control panel and a toolbox.


Contains desks.

Meeting Room

Contains one table.


Contains a Copier and a desk.

Storage Room

Contains multiple pencils.

Security Room

Contains monitors and 3 chairs.

Diddleshot's Office

Contains some posters and a desk and miniature version of PB Labs 2008.

Nuke Room

This room contains a live nuke that will explode if touched.

Dressing Room

Contains a Security hat you can wear.

RedDawrfIV's Office

This room contains a desk and access to the watchtower on the roof.

Sirboss's office

This room contains a desk and a bedroom.

Draton's Office

This room contains a desk with some chairs around the office.

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