Policies vs. Guidelines

Throughout the rules, you will see notes as to whether a certain rule is a policy or a guideline. Policies are principles that members of the community must follow.

  • e.g. user behavior, earning additional user rights, page creation, what information can be on a wiki page, and FANDOM policies. 

Guidelines are recommendations that are frequently used to resolve conflicts among editors.

  • e.g. how pages should be formatted and how administrators give out blocks.

No sanction can be given to an editor for not following a guideline, and informing a user of a policy is generally necessary before a sanction can be given.

Users must follow user conduct policies

Users are expected to abide by FANDOM's User Conduct policies. In general, treat others the way that you want to be treated. A guiding principle on the wiki is to assume good faith with every editor.

FANDOM policies apply

Some FANDOM policies apply to all FANDOM communities. These policies include the terms of use, the privacy policy, and the community creation policy. These policies are created by FANDOM staff and their enforcement is out of the control of this wiki. However, this wiki specifically enforces the FANDOM Community Guidelines and the user conduct section of the terms of use. Violation of FANDOM policies (i.e. death threats, harassing other editors, being underage) is grounds for an immediate block.

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